History of the Meeting


The HDL Workshop was started in 2009 by Sean Davidson, Mary Sorci-Thomas and Jay Heinecke. The goal was to gather a small group of thought leaders to address specific controversies in HDL biology. For example, the first meeting was designed to hammer out differences between proponents of the double belt model for HDL's main protein vs. a double super-helix scheme. Originally intended to be held in off years between the biannual International HDL meetings, it became an annual workshop when the international meetings ceased. The meeting quickly grew in size and scope and now covers all aspects of HDL biology with an emphasis on dialog between basic researchers, trainees, clinical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies.

2009 Washington D.C., USA

Organizers: W. Sean Davidson, Jay Heinecke, Mary Sorci-Thomas

Previous Meetings and Organizers

2011 Chicago, IL, USA

Organizer: Mike Oda

2013 Orlando, FL, USA

Organizer: Alan Remaley

2014 Toronto, ON, Canada.

Organizer: Jonathan Smith

2015 San Francisco, CA, USA

Organizer: W. Sean Davidson

2016 Nashville, TN

Organizer: Tomas Vaisar

2017 Minneapolis, MN, USA

Organizer: Daisy Sahoo

2018 San Francisco CA, USA

Organizers: Catherine Martel, Frank Sacks

2019 Boston, MA, USA

Organizers: Catherine Martel, Annabelle Rodriqueze-Oquendo

2022 Seattle, WA, USA

Organizers: Annabelle Rodriqueze-Oquendo, Kasey Vickers

2023 Boston, MA, USA

Organizers: Anna Schwendeman, Anand Rohatgi

2024 Chicago, IL, USA

Organizers: Anna Schwendeman, Anand Rohatgi

No meetings held in 2020, 2021 due to COVID

2025 Baltimore, MD, USA

Organizers: Marit Westerterp, Scott Gordon

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