Speakers and talks for the HDL Workshop

10th HDL Workshop

Sheraton Grand Seattle Hotel, Willow Room
Seattle, WA
May 14, 2022

2022 Program agenda: 15 minute oral presentations followed by 10 min Q&A

Opening Remarks & Welcome

1:00-1:05 Kasey Vickers, PhD

Session One

1:05-1:30 Kerry-Anne Rye, PhD (University New South Wales, Australia)
HDL: The New Frontier in Diabetes
1:30-1:55 Laura Woollett, PhD (University of Cincinnati)
Impact of pregnancy on HDL subspecies concentrations and compositions
1:55-2:20 Preetha Shridas, PhD (University of Kentucky)
Serum Amyloid A – a double-edged sword
2:20-2:45 Alan Remaley, MD, PhD (National Institutes of Health, NHLBI)
Cell-free HDL-specific phospholipid efflux assay predicts incident cardiovascular disease better than HDL-C
2:45-3:10 Frank Sacks, MD (T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health)
Dietary effects on the metabolism of protein-defined HDL subspecies

Break #1 — Coffee & Posters


Session Two

3:40-4:05 Birgit Plochberger, PhD (University of Applied Sciences, Austria)
Watching lipoprotein particle interaction at the nanoscopic level
4:05-4:30 Anna Schwendeman, PhD (University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy)
Synthetic HDL nanodiscs for drug and antigen delivery.
4:30-4:55 Andreas Lacko, PhD (University of North Texas Health Science Center)
HDL-based therapeutic nano vehicles.  Bench to bedside?
4:55-5:20 Colby S. Thaxton, MD, PhD (Northwestern Medicine)
The form and function of synthetic HDL-Like particles

Break #2 — Coffee & Posters


Keynote — Jack Oram Research Award

6:00-6:05 Introduction: Tomas Vaisar, PhD (University of Washington)
6:05-6:55 Alan Chait, MD (University of Washington)

Reception — Wine & Posters