Speakers and session titles from the 2017 workshop.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kasey Vickers, Vanderbilt University

Argonaute 1 Regulates Pancreatic Beta Cell microRNA Export to HDL

John Stafford, Vanderbilt University

Sex-differences in HDL composition and function with obesity

Yury Miller, UC San Diego

Lipid rafting with AIBP: from vascular biology to neuropathic pain and back

Frank Sacks, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

HDL speciation in humans: uniqueness, overlap, and effects of diet on their metabolism

Andy Hoofnagle, University of Washington

Kidney function is associated with changes in HDL composition

Nathalie Pamir, Oregon Health & Science University

Genetics of Novel HDL Metrics: Function, Proteome, and Particle Concentration

Sissel Lund-Katz, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Molecular basis for differential effects of apoE3 and apoE4 on VLDL and HDL metabolism

Daniel Duprez, Cardiovascular Division, University of Minnesota

HDL subclasses and non-cardiovascular, non-cancer chronic inflammatory-related events vs. cardiovascular events

Takhar Kasumov, Northeast Ohio Medical University

The role of Amadori-glycation in HDL dysfunction and oxidative stress in patients with T2D

Rebecca Haeusler, Columbia University Medical Center

Regulation of HDL-cholesterol metabolism by FoxO transcription factors

Elizabeth Tarling, UCLA Molecular Biology Institute

Targeting miRNAs for atheroprotection

Xueting Jin, National Institutes of Health (Fellow)

Cholesterol Enriched-Macrophages Deposit Cholesterol Microdomains into the Extracellular Matrix

Jean-Claude Tardif, Université de Montréal

Precision HDL medicine

Steven Adelman, Vascular Strategies

Functional aspects of HDL

Samuel Wright, CSL Research and Development

CSL 112 as a tool to understand remodeling and HDL functionality

Ernst Schaefer, Tufts University School of Medicine

The two faces of Tangier Disease